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Midwest Haunters Convention - 2005
Saturday Seminars

9:30 - 10:30 11:00 - 12:00 Working With Paid Media - Jen Sharlow Jen will walk you through the steps to get the most value out of your paid advertising. From negotiating deals to follow-up she will explain it all. Creating Killer Scenes - John Burton Ever wonder what goes through the mind of industry legend John Burton? This is your chance to find out! Join John as he describes some of his greatest scenes, the reasoning behind them, and answers your questions. Class participation is required so bring your questions!!

Makeup 101 - Neena Robinson

Ever wonder what spirit gum is? Want to know the difference between grease and cake? How about a woochie? Neena will tell you what should be included in every actor's makeup kit.

Makeup 102 "The Plague" - Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary will give one of her famous hands-on workshops. The topic will be on creating a plague look. makeup will be provided by Bloody Mary.

Body Airbrushing - Pashur

Learn body airbrush art from one of the best! Pashur will teach you all the techniques to create your own living works of art.

Monster Facepainting - Wolfe Brothers

Creating monsters using water based paints can be striking and fast. The Wolfe Brothers will show you how to use this medium in your haunt.

Crafty Contraptions Part 1 of 2 - Ironman

Learn the basic fundamentals of simple mechanisms. This demonstration will cover the ease of building the heart of many of today's most popular prop animations. Save both material and time creating your next motorized, pneumatic, or manually operated animated project. From the four bar linkage to the expanding scissor design, discover a practical simplified method of testing your ideas before you build.

Crafty Contraptions Part 2 of 2 - Ironman

Crafty Contraptions is a two hour class. If you choose part one, do not choose another class in this time slot.

Effective Scares with Timers - Jim Kadel

Jim will show you how to get those "perfect scares" through the use of haunt timers. This will be a small class size (limited to 24), hands-on seminar.

Building a Monster Team - Actors to Front Office - Karen Murphy

Creating your monster team is much more than finding great actors. Having the perfect staff makes your attraction more appealing to your guests and makes running it easier on you! Karen will explain how to put together your perfect Monster Team.

Monster Hands Part 1 of 2 - Jeff Glatzer

Monster Hands Part 2 of 2 - Jeff Glatzer

Monster Hands is a two hour class. If you choose part one, do not choose another class in this time slot.

1:30 - 3:00 Workshops 3:15 - 4:15

Makeup 103 - Gene Flaharty, Mehron

This class will cover some advanced makeup techniques. Topic TBD.

Developing an Acting Troupe - Dan "Boz" Krumlauf

Having a group of actors ready to go each October is every haunt owner's dream. Find out how to accomplish this through an actor's group.

Character Creation/Development - Roger & Tawny Miller

Ever wonder how the industry's top actors come up with those great characters? Roger & Tawny will share their insights on how to create your own!

Directing Actors - Rex Hamilton

Lifecasting Hands On - Dan Faupel

Lifecasting basics. Material fee may apply.

Public Relations - Chuck Williams

Foam Prosthetics, Painting and using - Frank Weidman

Applying and painting foam prosthetics. Will include a live demonstration.

Skull Session: Basic actor training/scare ideas - Scaracters

Promotions that Work - Kelly Collins
Effective Promotions to Attract Media - Jen Sharlow

Jen will share with you some tips and tricks to get the media to come to you!
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