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Dream Reapers Haunted House

"Guest Actors for TransWold 2006 opening"

      We at Dream Reapers would like to welcome actors from other haunted houses to come and “play” at Dream Reapers for this Transworld as we did last year. To help US keep track of who will be attending, we would like to have each person that is planning on being a ‘Guest Haunter’ and working at Dream Reapers for Transworld, to let us know in advance. I’ve prepared an on-line form to make this easy. Here is some useful information:

Dream Reapers will be open Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th 2006. Dream Reapers will be holding meetings for room placement, acting direction, and rehearsal on the following dates:
Feb 4th, Feb, 11th, Feb 18th, Feb 25th, and March 4th. Each day is a Saturday and we will start at noon.

      Important note: These meetings are ONLY for people that will be working at Dream Reapers during Transworld and are NOT open seminars/meetings as we’ve done in the past.

      Room placement and availability is FIRST COME FIRST GET basis! We would like everyone to show up on March 4th for a full pre-Transworld rehearsal and confirmation of staffed rooms.

      Please do one of the following:
Fill out the on-line form at
Email me at with details.
PM or Email me if you need more information, I will provide a phone number in the PM/Email.

      Keep in mind, placement and availability is not guaranteed.
(Dream Reaper actors do not need to fill out this form).

      Let us know of any question/comments you have.

Steve Verdino
Haunted Connection - Webmaster
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Haunted Connection - Haunted House Actors Database. Actor Bios,Characters, Tutorials, Message Board, and more..