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About Haunted Connection

      Haunted Connection- a community dedicated to supporting individuals who work in an entertainment genre fittingly referred to as the “haunt industry.” Our primary goal at HC is to provide a venue in which actors and fellow industry personnel have a place to share such things as information, ideas, and designs with the click of a button. Open to anyone with a year-round obsession with the obscure, Haunted Connection strives to help better the quality of haunted house production through a number of helpful features:

      Our innovative actor profile section enables actors to share with the public, both details about themselves, and characters they portray. This feature also includes tools for posting pictures, as well as multiple character aliases, giving your profile that personal touch. In addition, our forum section is used as a gathering place, where visitors and industry personnel alike can share ideas, post articles, express opinions, and socialize with each other. Haunted Connection will also publish articles on subjects such as tutorials on make-up, prop building, costume design and character development. There will be interviews conducted with actors and actresses, special guest stars, and subject matter experts from around the industry. We will also strive to keep you informed of current events and news from around the industry.

      The mission of HC is simple: To create a community, in which actors, visitors, and industry personnel can connect through common knowledge, goals, and interests. Our reason for existence is to help better the overall production of haunted attractions in general, as well as promote the haunted industry as a whole. We hope to help every ghoul with a passion for acting reach their own twisted potential, thereby helping the industry grow and prosper. Only with your help can we make this mission a success. On behalf of Haunted Connection, we thank you for visiting our site.

Haunted Connection - Team
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Haunted Connection - Haunted House Actors Database. Actor Bios,Characters, Tutorials, Message Board, and more..